Mark Jones had spent several years in the landscaping industry, where he installed gates, fencing, and also managed various project sizes.

As an enthusiast of electronics, he had completed an Electrical and Electronic Engineering qualification years earlier.

One day, while at a site to carry out some concreting work, Mark arrived at a location but was unable to enter due to a malfunctioning automated gate. The customer mentioned their difficulty in finding someone to repair it.

Mark retrieved his toolbox, fixed the gate, and subsequently repaired another gate for the customer's friend.

Identifying a market need for automation repairs, Mark launched “MWJ GATES” alongside his landscaping business. The gate repair business expanded significantly, eventually occupying most of Mark's time.

In 2017, Mark established Access Control Limited to enhance the business's professional image and to encapsulate the expanding range of services. Since then, Access Control Ltd has seen growth in its team and now offers comprehensive services for automated entrance and access control systems, with engineers serving numerous parts of the UK from the base in Creaton, Northamptonshire.

Among our clientele are notable names such as Calor Gas, Boots, Barclays, as well as various schools and universities.